Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. will not attend the March for Life this year, choosing instead to release a pro-life video highlighting his support of the annual event that will take place on Jan. 22.

The senator will be in the Philippines the day of the event as part of a weeklong trip to Asia.

"Whether you plan on coming to Washington for the March for Life or plan to participate in other ways, back home for example by tweeting under the hashtag #whywemarch, or marking the day with quiet prayer and reflection, your efforts are important because they are done in service to a simple truth, that all human life is sacred," Rubio said in an exclusive video released by the March for Life foundation.

Rubio called for all pro-life activists to continue their fight for the unborn, and invited Floridians who were marching to stop for coffee and snacks in his Senate office.

"Let us never waiver in this effort," he said. "Let us always dedicate ourselves to changing the hearts and minds of others. And let us never forget that when the stakes involve human life, the stakes could not be any higher."