Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban claimed Friday that Donald Trump is not rich enough to self-finance his campaign.

The NBA Dallas Mavericks owner told MSNBC host Chris Hayes his friendship with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has unraveled as a result of his calling out Trump's lying about his wealth.

"He can't afford to self-finance no matter what he says," Cuban said.

Cuban, a self-described independent voter, said he recently took 15 minutes to add up Trump's reported finances and the billionaire is less well-off than he has claimed.

"At most he has at least $165 million, which is great by any standard that's a lot of money. But when you're trying to finance a presidential campaign, it's nothing," Cuban said.

Cuban explained any politician can claim whatever net worth he or she wants because there are ways to manipulate the amount of cash on hand when filling out tax returns.

But Cuban explained Federal Election Commission filings are a different story.

"You can't fake it on an FEC filing and he tried to fake his FEC filing as much as he could and maybe he'll get in trouble for that," Cuban said.

Trump knows he does not have enough money to self-fund his campaign through November, should he officially win the nomination next month and that's what has prompted him to ask the Republican National Committee for help, Cuban added.

But for the criticisms Cuban gave his former business buddy, he said Trump did not mislead the public about self-funding up until this point in time.