Mark Leibovich, the author of the book ‘This Town,’ appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning’s Joe’ Tuesday morning to discuss President Obama’s failed attempt to change Washington.

Leibovich noted that Obama and his team of “celebrity operatives” came into office promising to change Washington D.C., but noted that that many of the original operatives in the Obama administration have gotten extremely rich in the process. He added that “the notion of a changed Washington was a complete myth.”

“It was obviously very effective marketing strategy in 2008 – I assume it was genuine then, but I also think it’s gotten a lot of people very, very wealthy, and I think the whole circle of the revolving door this team was supposed to stop has only been intensified,” Leibovich said.

Leibovich was joined on the panel by former Obama White House press secretary Robert Gibbs – now an MSNBC political contributor.