On Hannity last night, Mark Levin praised Marco Rubio as a “superstar” and called his speech Tuesday night as “the greatest reply to a State of the Union speech I ever saw.”

“I thought it was the substance was unbelievable,” Levin continued. “He laid out the conservative principled case and applied it to what’s going on today in our society, but he also laid out what Obama was doing in no uncertain terms and what the future looks like with either path.”

Levin also remarked that he thought the media hype over Rubio drinking water was “stupid.”

Levin referred to Congress as “the clapping seals” who were “jumping up and down” for Obama at his own State of the Union speech, which in his opinion made Rubio’s performance more remarkable.

“Rubio gave a terrific speech and so did Rand Paul,” Levin concluded.