Conservative author Mark Levin urged President Trump on Tuesday to "keep tweeting" despite some Republicans' calls for him to stop taking to social media to share his views.

"If he doesn't tweet, how in the world is he going to get his message out? So I say keep tweeting, just be careful about what you tweet and don't be pushed or bullied into not tweeting," Levin told Fox News' "Fox & Friends."

"I don't think he should keep tweeting all day long, but he should keep tweeting," added Levin. "Compared to what the media do day in and day out, and lie to the American people with their left-wing agenda day in and day out, if he is wrong 10 percent of the time or uses the wrong word, who really cares?"

The Tea Party-aligned radio show host said Trump's going around the media and press team by tweeting statements is similar to how former President Ronald Reagan tried to directly address his supporters rather than rely on the press to share his message.

"I worked for Reagan eight years," Levin added. "He had a unique ability to communicate and he had to go over the head of the media with speeches that he could give. He was a superb communicator. And I got to thinking, Donald Trump does the same thing in his own way."

Earlier Tuesday morning, Trump retweeted a clip from the show of Levin speaking on "Hannity" about Democrats colluding.