Many otherwise conservative Republicans justify their support for corporate welfare by saying things like "it's a national security issue," or "well, in this case, we're not dealing with a free market...."

Give credit to Rep. Mark Sanford. He doesn't try to justify his support of it at all. South Carolina's The State reports:

Sanford said [Rep. Mick] Mulvaney [R-S.C.] had been a "real hero" for opposing the Export Import Bank. Its clients include Boeing, which has a plant in North Charleston, not the "neediest of the needy," Sanford said.

"[W]e're dealing with large corporations that are well funded and have access to a variety of different insurance and capital sources, and if we can't knock out a program like that, then how are we going to knock out anything in terms of limiting government?" Sanford asked.


But, he added, "On this one, I have to be wholly inconsistent because my philosophy would line up with Mick's, but I think I have to vote with my district."


The bank, Sanford added, is "deeply important to a company like Boeing."

Story via ExImExposed.