Republican Rep. Mark Sanford voted for the American Health Care Act in order to move debate on healthcare to the Senate, but he didn't quite manage to read the entire bill.

"I turned through every page," he said on CNN. "As to whether I got through some of the detail in all the pages … I attempted to read the entire bill."

Sanford's comment echoes some other Republican lawmakers who admitted they didn't read the legislation but left it up to staffers to read the bill and then interpret it for them. The House passed the American Health Care Act with 217 votes Thursday afternoon.

Sanford said he still has some reservations about the legislation but he voted for it because he felt the amendments offered earlier this week helped move him to a yes. Sanford had previously been a no on the bill.

"I read it as thoroughly as I could," he said. "The amendments, which were a bigger deal for me because I already voted no, were only a couple pages long and I read through those thoroughly."

He added, "I voted yes because this debate came down to whether or not we advance this debate to the Senate."