Washington Examiner Executive Editor Mark Tapscott and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams discussed Obamacare and the government shutdown on Fox News' "Happening Now" on Wednesday.

Tapscott said the proper context for understanding the debate was the insistence of President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that Obamacare be fully funded versus attempts by congressional Republicans to either defund, dealy or otherwise change Obamacare, as most Americans favor.

"What the president has said is that the government will shut down if the Republicans insist on doing what most Americans want Congress to do, which is to change or defund a program that they simply do not want," Tapscott said.

"What we have here is a classic illustration of Washington politicians having a choice. Are they going to listen to the majority of the American people? Or are they going to do what is most convenient for them, and that is to increase government and make it bigger, increase the regulation that we all have to face."

Williams argued that Obama is merely upholding a lawfully approved program against Republican threats to shut down the government if they don't get their way.

"Jon, we have a law, we have a democratic process, this law has been passed by the House and the Senate, the Supreme Court has affirmed it.

"You know all of this, and so what we have is — we have people who have shut down the government because they don't agree with a law that's already been passed and that is functioning," Williams said.

Asked by Fox anchor Jon Scott why it was okay for the president to change the law after it was passed by delaying the employer mandate but not okay for the House to include a provision to delay the individual mandate, Williams pointed to the shutdown.

"It's attached to shutting down the government, so that's the unreasonable part," he said.