What happens when former Democratic National Committee spokesman Karen Finney and Washington Examiner Executive Editor Mark Tapscott talk about the politics of the government shutdown on her new MSNBC weekend talkathon, "Disrupt with Karen Finney"?

She opens with the common-sense observation that "time is running out to avert a catastrophic default by raising the nation's debt limit.

"And you know what, guys, while you're at it, if you could just reopen the government, too, that would be awesome. Do we have a deal?"

The answer was clearly in the negative, but that didn't prevent some spirited discussion from ensuing between Tapscott, Lee Fang of The Nation and Paula Dwyer of Bloomberg News.

Here's a sample from the Examiner scribe:

"It seems to me that somebody should explain to the president and to Harry Reid that the word 'compromise' is not spelled 'n-o,'" Tapscott said.

Watch the full interview above.