Sen. Mark Warner thinks Donald Trump Jr. acted with "glee" when offered the opportunity to get some incriminating information on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.

"What was remarkable was you saw not only willingness but actually glee from the president's son as well as involvement of the campaign manager and the president's son-in-law to say, in effect, ‘Yes, bring it on,'" Warner said on "Face the Nation" on CBS. "Very troubling. And obviously moves our whole investigation to another level."

Trump Jr. tweeted an email exchange with British publicist Rob Goldstone earlier this week showing how the meeting with a Russian attorney was set up. In the email, Goldstone said the Russian government wanted to help Trump get elected and had some incriminating information on Clinton that could be passed along.

Trump Jr. said "I love it" about the offer and indicated it would be good to have such information released later on in the summer.

The meeting itself ended up being about the Magnitsky Act, which put sanctions on Russian human rights violators. In response to that law, Russian President Vladimir Putin banned Americans from adopting Russian children.

Warner said wants to hear from everyone who was in the meeting in June 2016 between the Trump campaign and Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, including Trump Jr. He said it's something the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which Warner is the ranking Democrat, should be moving forward on soon.

"Chairman [Richard] Burr and I are working together in a bipartisan fashion," he said. "And we've heard not only from the chairman, but we've heard from Susan Collins, James Lankford, a series of other Republican members on the committee as well saying, ‘We need to talk to all these folks.' I know we will."