Sen. Mark Warner and Republican challenger Ed Gillespie met over the weekend for the first debate in the 2014 Virginia Senate race.

Warner, a Democrat who leads by double digits in most public polls released throughout the campaign, traded barbs with Gillespie during the 90-minute debate which was actually held across the Virginia border in neighboring West Virginia. However, you wouldn't know Warner was the comfortable incumbent during the 90-minute debate, as the two attacked each other on issues ranging from Warner's voting history in the Senate to Gillespie's time as a Washington lobbyist.

Gillespie sought to tie Warner to President Obama while in office, highlighting that Warner has voted with the administration 97 percent of the time. Warner, meanwhile, made an effort to label Gillespie as a "Washington insider" who has spent too many years inside the Beltway to be an effective voice in the Senate.

Republicans need six seats to take control of the Senate in November, and Virginia may be in play following Saturday's debate.