Could Mars have supported life?

NASA's Curiosity rover has found evidence of water on Mars and the basic elements that teeny organisms could have fed on, scientists said Tuesday. The results, derived from a rock sample, answer a key question about Mars: The Red Planet long ago did indeed harbor some of the ingredients needed for primitive life to thrive. Curiosity is the first spacecraft sent to Mars that could collect a sample from deep inside a rock and test it in its onboard labs.

Competition among Internet companies is brutal. What are firms doing to stand out?

The battle for attention is fierce -- especially at this week's South by Southwest Interactive show in Austin, Texas -- and firms are bringing their A-game. On the exhibit floor, angling for eyeballs, is Central Desktop's Cloud Server Angel, a fifty-something, harp-plucking gentleman in tiny wings and a feather halo. His competition includes a hawker dressed like a yam, as in the vegetable, who is trying to entice people to enter a giant yam hut for information on the cloud-based human resources firm TriNet. Meanwhile, errand-running site has sent a fake-fur-covered van entirely made over to look like a rabbit -- complete with ears and bunny tail -- out onto the Texas streets to spark interest. The knockout punch may have been thrown by the software company Bloomfire, however; its logo-free sign points the way to festgoer nirvana -- free tacos and beer. For photos of these and other creative pitches, go to