It could be a long, grueling ride home Wednesday night for Maryland commuters, state officials are warning.

A winter storm is expected to hit the D.C. area and could bring cold rain that turns to snow right around the evening rush, the Maryland State Highway Administration said. Surface temperatures are expected to melt the snow, but the slick conditions will still slow the drive, officials said.

"Rush hour and snow is a bad combination for commuters and for highway crews. This is central Maryland's first winter weather this season and although it may be light, the timing couldn't be worse," said Melinda Peters of the highway administration. "SHA crews will treat the roads with salt when it starts snowing but keep in mind, those trucks are in the same traffic on the same roads as commuters and there may be many places where the salt never reaches the road. Pavement temperatures should be warm enough that it doesn't stick but there are no guarantees. Please give our crews space to treat roadways and plan for a potentially rough commute."

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