U.S. Senate

Ben Cardin*, D 53.5%

Daniel Bongino, R 28.2%

Rob Sobhani, I 16.9%

Precincts reporting 80.7%

U.S. House

6th District

Roscoe Bartlett, R 38.8%

John Delaney*, D 57.9%

Precincts reporting 80.7%

Maryland ballot questions

Question 3: Would require elected officials to leave office after they plead guilty or are convicted of a crime

For: 88%

Against: 12%

Precincts reporting: 80.7%

Question 4: Dream Act, Would allow qualifying illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition

For: 57.3%

Against: 42.7%

Precincts reporting: 80.7%

Question 5: Would keep Maryland's redistricted congressional maps

For: 63.1%

Against: 36.9%

Precincts reporting: 80.7%

Question 6: Would allow same-sex marriage in civil ceremonies

For: 51.2%

Against: 48.8%

Precincts reporting: 80.7%

Question 7: Would allow table games and round-the-clock operations at all Maryland casinos and would allow a new one to be built in Prince George's County

For: 51.7%

Against: 48.3%

Precincts reporting: 80.7%

Montgomery County ballot questions

Question B: Would affirm the County Council's vote to take away the police union's right to "effects bargaining."

For: 58%

Against: 42%

Precincts reporting: 100%

Question C (Damascus only): Would allow sit-down restaurants to serve beer and wine

For: 70%

Against: 30%