ANNAPOLIS - Montgomery County residents who feel drinking 12 ounces of beer at a time just isn't enough are in luck as the Maryland House of Delegates on Tuesday approved a bill to allow the sale of large refillable containers called "growlers."

Growlers are large glass jugs between 32 and 128 ounces and could be refilled with draft beer by licensed bars under the measure. Current Maryland law prohibits establishments from refilling alcohol containers once they have been emptied.

The bill passed 134-0 and now heads to the Senate.

Beer lovers argue that craft brews -- which are exploding in popularity -- taste better on draft, and growlers allow enthusiasts to bottle that taste and take it home.

The legislation arose from a husband-and wife-owned deli and beer shop, Bradley Food and Beverage, in Bethesda. The owners wanted to sell beer in growlers, but the county couldn't license them to do that.