A 28-year-old Maryland man accused of calling himself a "joker" and threatening to shoot up his Prince George's County workplace has been released from the facility where underwent treatment, according to media reports.

Neil Prescott, of Crofton, was released from commitment Tuesday, court records show. He is charged with one count of misdemeanor telephone misuse, and a court proceeding is scheduled for Aug. 30.

A Prince George's County mental health court judge ordered that Prescott can only leave his parents' home to visit his lawyers and doctors, according to media reports. He has to continue to take medication and attend counseling.

Last month, Prescott made threats over the phone to a man working at Pitney Bowes, a software and mailing equipment supplier. He said "I am a joker, I'm gonna load my guns and blow everybody up," according to a court document, seeming to reference the mass shooting during a midnight screening of the "The Dark Knight Rises" at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. When authorities searched his home, they found many guns, though Prescott owned them legally.

Prescott had been taken to a hospital for a mental-health evaluation on July 27, and lawyers told The Baltimore Sun that he had voluntarily stayed in the care of mental health experts.

Prescott faces a maximum sentence of three years behind bars and a $500 fine.