A Montgomery County man convicted of killing his wife and fatally beating his 11-year-old stepson with a baseball bat was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Curtis Lopez used a 30-pound weight and knife to kill his wife, Jane McQuain, 51, inside her Germantown apartment in October 2011. He then lured her son, William, to a wooded area in Clarksburg, where he beat the boy with a baseball bat, crushing his skull into 36 pieces, according to prosecutors.

Lopez was arrested in North Carolina, a day after McQuain was found dead in her apartment on the 13100 block of Briarcliff Terrace. An Amber Alert was issued for William, whose body was found the next week.

In January, Lopez took an Alford plea, meaning that he refused to admit his guilt but acknowledging there is so overwhelming a body of evidence against him that a judge would find him guilty if the case went to trial.