Enrollment in President Obama’s health care program was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, but the websites that were supposed to allow qualified individuals to purchase health insurance as easily as they would buy airline tickets on Orbitz have been besieged by glitches and errors.

My colleague Charlie Spiering has cataloged the errors on Healthcare.gov, which is the site available for residents of states that choose to allow the federal government to set up their exchanges.

But Maryland is a state that was an early adopter of Obamacare and set up its own exchange. Yet a visit to the website this morning yielded the message, “We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. We are experiencing temporary connectivity issues at www.MarylandHealthConnection.gov and expect to revolve [sic] by 12:00 Noon.”

When I called Maryland’s customer service hotline, the representative who answered told me she couldn’t hear me well and that the call center was experiencing "connectivity issues," so I should call back later in the afternoon.

She referred me to the website, which she said was working. But I had to inform her that it was not. Audio of my full call is above – the relevant conversation comes at the 1:28 mark. In fairness, though she couldn’t hear me well, it wasn’t a very long wait to speak to a human being.