Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon might be the bluntest coach in the country. And that's probably not a bad thing for local reporters who like some color with their postgame quotes or for his own young players, who could use a voice or two telling them they aren't as good as they think. Not yet anyway.

During a 79-50 drubbing of Delaware State on Saturday, Turgeon twice pulled struggling sophomore center Alex Len, a possible No. 1 pick in June's NBA Draft. At one point Turgeon yelled, "Wake up, Alex! Wake up!" -- a scolding that could be heard throughout the half-empty Comcast Center. Following the game, Turgeon half-jokingly wondered whether freshman Charles Mitchell, whose weight had become an issue, had eaten too many late-night pizzas. Turgeon, asked why he started pressing in the second half up big, said the Hornets were slowing the game too much.

"It was so boring. God darn," Turgeon said when asked about the move. "[Delaware State coach Greg Jackson] has got to play that way in these games. ... He's just trying to do what's best for his program. I just didn't want the tempo to slow down too much."

- Brian McNally