Employees of MassDot, Massachusetts' transportation agency, simply remake missing state-issued license plates.

State employees make about 15,000 pieces of signage yearly, including road signs and state license plates, according to CBS Boston.

Yet, when a state license plate goes missing from a truck, trailer, passenger car or police cruiser, the employees simply make an identical one without involving the Registry of Motor Vehicles, according to an inspector general's report.

Highway Commissioner Frank DePaola told CBS Boston "it was a common practice that has been going on for 20 years.

“The capability of making licenses plates had us concerned that there was a temptation for someone to manufacture a plate for other purposes. And we wanted to remove that capability completely,” DePaola said.

Massachusetts says the employees involved will not be disciplined, CBS Boston reported.

MassDot's 1,500-vehicle fleet has been under investigation by the IG for the past few months, the TV station reported.

The agency has been accused of other major probles, including missing vehicle logs and mileage reports and outdated inspection stickers.

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