Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge criticized the Washington Post on Monday over a story that criticized the conservative aggregation website for sharing Russian propaganda stories.

"I've linked to @washingtonpost over 10,000X in 25 years of doing DRUDGEREPORT. I currently give them 37% of their referral traffic, according to similarweb.com. It's a brutal business. Not even a thank you. Instead: YOU'RE A RUSSIAN OPERATIVE!" Drudge tweeted Monday morning.

A Post story published Friday criticized Drudge for linking to "fake news" websites, including state-owned Russia Today, InfoWars, and Sputnik.

"There are probably two reasons that the Drudge Report linked to these sites with regularity. The first is that Drudge’s taste in news often tends toward the more exotic; he clearly understands the sorts of things that people like to read. The other is that Drudge himself seems to share some of the same sense of impending apocalypse and systemic collapse that undergirds a lot of the reports from these sites," the Washington Post story said.

One graph in the story shows referrals to these three organizations is actually lower than last year's numbers.

Drudge did not state whether he will stop sharing Post stories on his website, which is one of the most viewed in the country.