Matt Drudge, editor and founder of the Drudge Report, had a little fun late Thursday with the impending victory of Republican Greg Gianforte in the special election for Montana's vacant U.S. House seat.

As the returns came in Thursday evening, and it became increasingly clear Gianforte would be declared the winner, Drudge sent out a tweet giving a nod to the tough-guy image Gianforte has made for himself after he was cited for misdemeanor assault against a reporter a day earlier. It also expressed his continued dissatisfaction with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"Now put that Montana Gianforte guy alone in a room with Paul Ryan," Drudge tweeted. The tweet also featured a smiley face emoji with a cowboy hat.

The tweet, which likely will be deleted as Drudge tends to do, is yet another one of Drudge's attacks on Ryan.

As recently as late April he knocked Ryan for attempting to thwart President Trump's agenda.

As for Ryan's position on Gianforte, he wouldn't answer directly when asked by reporters if he would seat Gianforte if he won the special election. "If he wins he's been chosen by the people of Montana. I'll let the people of Montana," Ryan said. Ryan also said Gianforte should apologize for his assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Gianforte did later apologize after he was declared the winner.

Ryan was credited, along with the president and other Republicans, for helping pave the way to Gianforte's win by the National Republican Congressional Committee.