Rep. Maxine Waters on Tuesday slammed claims she threatened the life of President Trump when she said she would "take Trump out" at an event earlier in October.

"That's absolutely ridiculous," Waters told CNN when asked if she was threatening Trump physically. "Nobody believes that a 79-year-old grandmother, who is a congresswoman and who has been in Congress and politics for all of these years, talking about doing any harm."

Waters insisted her comments, made at an Oct. 13 speaking engagement at the Ali Forney Center in New York City, were about her repeated calls for Trump's impeachment.

"The only harm that I may be doing to the president is that I want him impeached," Waters said. "I'm not gonna stop. I believe this president is not worthy."

"I think that this president should not be representing our country. He has alienated our allies, he continues to lie day in and day out, he creates controversy, he can't get along with the members of Congress. He needs to be impeached," she continued.

Waters denied she had ratcheted up political rhetoric, saying she had laid her case out for impeachment "responsibly."

She attributed the backlash to her being "a woman, an African-American woman."

"I know it's unusual. People haven't seen anything like this before, but I believe that for as long as I've been a member of Congress, a legislator, having worked in the California state legislature prior to coming to Congress, that I have learned to accept responsibility," she said.

"People are so accustomed to politicians patting each other on the back and saying nice things about each other and hiding the truth and not letting people know how they really feel, I'm not that kind of person and I am going to continue to call it like it is, and speak truth to power."