California Rep. Maxine Waters said Friday she doesn't honor or respect President Trump and believes he doesn't deserve to be president.

Waters, a Democrat, said on MSNBC that she doesn't trust Trump and won't work with him. Instead, she's going to press for investigations into his alleged Russian connections that she believes will end up leading to his impeachment.

"I don't honor him, I don't respect this president," she said. "I don't think that he deserves to be president of this great country."

Waters has been one of Trump's most scathing critics in Congress and has found viral fame as a result. She alluded to support among millennials during her interview and said she believes people are supporting her obstinate stance toward Trump.

Waters said there's no common ground she's willing to find where she and Trump could work together. Instead, her goal is to remove Trump from office.

"I don't trust him, I'm not going to be able to work with him, I'm going to press to get these investigations done," she said. "I believe if we have credible investigations that it will lead to his impeachment."