Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters said Wednesday that a parental advisory should appear on screen whenever President Trump is on television.

“Whenever he appears on TV, there should be a disclaimer that says, ‘This may not be acceptable for children,’” Waters said during a taped response to Trump’s State of the Union that aired Wednesday on BET.

Waters, of California, slammed Trump for his behavior during his first year in office and called the president a “terrible role model for our children.”

“Trump often works to convince dissatisfied elements in our society that all of their problems are caused by people of color,” she said.

Waters cited the president’s remarks following the violent clashes between white nationalist groups and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va., in August, as well as his travel ban and remarks about El Salvador, Haiti, and African nations.

“One speech cannot and does not make Donald Trump presidential. He’s not presidential and he never will be presidential. He claims that he’s bringing people together but make no mistake, he is a dangerous, unprincipled, divisive, and shameful racist,” Waters said.

The California Democrat was one of five who responded to the president’s first official State of the Union on Tuesday night.