Here's a new angle for first lady Michelle Obama to promote her "Let's Move!" fight against childhood obesity: hunting, fishing or archery.

With reports showing that the average child spends 7.5 hours a day watching TV, sportsmen and women are growing concerned that kids aren't getting outside enough to build a relationship with nature, potentially threatening hunting and fishing, according to a new poll of outdoor enthusiasts.

Most hunters and anglers consider themselves ardent conservationists, according to the poll released Tuesday from the National Wildlife Federation, but fret that fishing and hunting habitat could be jeopardized if America's youth doesn't get some fresh air and see the benefit of outdoor sports.

According to the just-released poll of 800 anglers and hunters, 87 percent said that it's a serious problem that children are not spending enough time outdoors and instead are inside watching TV or playing video games.

And even more, 91 percent, said that the "lack of outdoor time is a threat to the future of wildlife conservation in America." The concern was nearly universal among men, women, Republicans, Democrats and independents, found the poll conducted by Chesapeake Beach Consulting of Maryland.

Like the first lady, NWF President Larry Schweiger urged parents to get their kids outdoors to bond with nature and also for their health. "We're seeing an uptick in diabetes in young children," he told Secrets. He said the "get outdoors" message "needs to be louder."

An official said that the organization has worked with the White House the first lady's Let's Move Outside! initiative, though she hasn't yet engaged any of the outdoors sports like archery or fishing that are part of the Let's Move! spinoff. Since the release of the popular movie the "Hunger Games," interest in archery has surged among children, especially girls.

While the poll reinforced worries among adults that children aren't getting enough exercise and outdoor time, it raised a new issue about the future of hunting and fishing: If kids don't experience the sports and become advocates, the sports could wither.

The poll also found strong conservationist views among the group that self-identified as largely politically conservative. For example, they want BP held responsible for the Gulf oil spill; believe that global warming is occurring; want Uncle Sam to make it a priority to conserve fish and wildlife habitat for fishing and hunting; and want their needs considered when the government grants gas and oil leases on public lands.