Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Wednesday that the administration's lack of response as Iran continues to release videos humiliating U.S. Navy personnel is "shameful and dangerous."

Iranian TV released a new video showing some of the U.S. sailors crying while detained overnight by Iran last month, as well as previously released images of sailors apologizing and on their knees with their hands behind their head.

"The Iranian regime's release of new photos of U.S. Navy sailors illegally detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard represents the latest Iranian provocation against the United States and yet another attempt to humiliate American military personnel," McCain said in a statement.

"This administration's continued silence is shameful and dangerous. The failure to affirm basic legal principles and the refusal to defend the character and reputation of those sailors places all American service members at greater risk," the senator continued.

Iran detained 10 U.S. sailors overnight in January after the sailors accidentally sailed two riverine boats into Iranian waters due to navigational errors and engine problems. Iran has since given awards to the troops who took in the U.S. sailors.

The Pentagon this week said a Navy investigation into the incident is ongoing.