On "Fox News Sunday," Sen. John McCain had pointed criticism for the president’s treatment of the growing ISIS threat.

“Unfortunately, so far, he seems to be strangely detached,” said the Arizona Republican.

McCain argued that President Obama’s foreign policy is weak on planning, and that his failure to communicate his ends to Congress has kept him from gaining its support and, in turn, developing a muscular response.

The senator cited Congress’s refusal to authorize the use of funds to arm Syrian rebels as an example of a pattern of poor clarity in communication — Congress didn’t approve $500 million for rebels because nobody knew what it would be used for, McCain said.

“Even I have to be convinced that there is an overall comprehensive strategy,” he said, discussing the president’s response to ISIS.

And, the senator charged, it’s not just problem with the president’s approach to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. McCain said his administration has been “feckless” and is making an odd mistake by not giving more support to the Ukrainian government to push back against Russia.

“It’s incredible that we won’t even give them sensitive intel so they can plan better,” he said.