Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., had a warm meeting with Obama for America Organizing for Action volunteers in Arizona, as the senator and the members of President Obama’s former campaign apparatus thanked each other for their alliance in support of Obama’s desired gun legislation.

“The speakers commended Senator McCain for showing leadership on this issue, and made it clear that we’re still hopeful that, with his help and support, we will get a bipartisan law to protect our country and our local community,” OFA’s Erin Kelly wrote in a blog post today. “We were shocked and excited to see Senator McCain himself, who had been driving by his office on his way home and had seen the thank-you signs. The senator had pulled over to the side of the road to thank his constituents for our support.”

Organizing for Action is the Obama campaign rebranded as a nonprofit, officially nonpartisan advocacy group. A studious Senate maverick, McCain’s visit won’t endear him to the grassroots base in his own party. The OFA post provoked a mixed response among liberal activists.

“Sorry OFA but I just can’t go there,” reads the top comment on the post. Another comment: “This is not 2007 OFA. I missed those days.”

The third commenter thinks it’s really a jab at Democrats. “As completely undeserving of praise John McCain may be, I can understand (to a certain degree) why the “thank you” is a smart move,” she writes. “It slaps those Dems that voted AGAINST background checks in the face … a resounding slap!”

One commenter approved of the move. “I am glad they said Thank you to John McCain. It was the right thing to do.”