On Morning Joe this morning, Sen. Claire McCaskill insisted that the  controversy over her decision not to attend the Democratic National Convention this fall, had nothing to do with President Obama.

“I think, you know, you’ve got to say to people at home, ‘Which is more important? Going to a place with a bunch of party honchos and having cocktail parties or being at home talking to them,’” she said, insisting that she never attended the Democratic convention when she was contesting a race.

“Everybody’s trying to make this a big deal, a narrative. It’s stupid,” McCaskill added.

McCaskill insisted that her decision had “nothing to do with” President Obama and that she had even asked him to campaign with her in Missouri.”

A Rasmussen poll released June 8, however, showed that Romney is leading the state with 49 percent; Obama at 42 percent.

That same poll showed McCaskill trailing her Republican opponent by 12 points.