There's a laundry list of problems with the construction of a Metrorail line to Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said Tuesday, but it's still a project that needs to get done.

McDonnell aired his grievances with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority during an interview with reporters and editors from The Washington Examiner, criticizing the board for backing deals that favor union workers and for failing to seat his two new appointees. Until Virginia gets a more active role in executing the project, there won't be any new money from the state committed for the project, McDonnell said, adding, "If we had the money."

Last month, McDonnell stonewalled Virginia Democrats who wanted to add another $300 million to the state's $150 million commitment for the new Silver Line to Dulles. A budget eventually passed without the additional funds, which would have gone to lower the costs of tolls that will pay for the project.

Still, McDonnell said he's committed to finishing the line, in part because so much has been spent already on the first phase of the project. He pressured the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to back the project, despite grumbling from some on the board about the price tag.

"It's probably a close call at this point. I hope they do [approve it]," McDonnell said. "I think we're so far down the road on this project that it's got to continue."