Gov. Bob McDonnell, R-Va., dispensed with the standard political coquetry long enough to explain why he would make a good running mate for Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney.

"[Y]ou know, people are saying it's a swing state," McDonnell told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. "We balance the budget without raising taxes, $1 billion in surplus, lowest unemployment in the Southeast. You know, we're really pleased with [the] things we've been able to do in Virginia."

McDonnell bookended his case for the vice presidency with mroe conventional demurrals. "I'm not interviewing, I'm not waiting for that phone to ring," he maintained. "I want to help Mitt Romney because I believe our country is in trouble and we got crushing debt, deficits, and no plan for jobs or energy." After summarizing what he would bring to the ticket, McDonnell allowed that "that's up to the nominee."