Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell wielded his veto power once again Tuesday, slashing $424,000 in funding for public broadcasting from the state budget in the next fiscal year.

The issue, along with government funding for abortions and Planned Parenthood, has fast become a political football both in Virginia and on the national scene.

It was the governor’s only line-item veto of all the amendments lawmakers made to the state’s two-year, $80 billion spending plan.

“In today’s free market, with hundreds of radio and television programs, government should not be subsidizing one particular group of stations,” McDonnell said. “We must get serious about government spending. That means funding our core functions well, and eliminating spending on programs and services that should be left to the private sector. This is a smart, practical budgeting decision to make Virginia government smaller and more efficient and save taxpayer dollars.”

Speaking of free markets, McDonnell rang the NASDAQ closing bell in New York Tuesday. His business trip to meet with executives also included television appearances on Fox News and Bloomberg.