Casinos in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are aiming to attract a valuable lot of local Asian-American gamblers that the Maryland legislature failed to secure this year.

The Maryland Senate approved plans for a casino targeting Asians at Rosecroft Raceway this year, but the House of Delegates killed the measure.

Maryland’s Asian population was expected to generate about one-quarter of the $245 million in local, first-year revenues from the proposed Ft. Washington casino, according to a 70-page report by the Innovation Group, a leisure and hospitality consulting firm.

“Special attention was given to the local Asian market, which is known to have a higher propensity for table game play,” according to the study.

Asians constitute 6.5 percent of the 8.8 million residents living within a two-hour drive from Rosecroft.

Now operators such as Penn National Gaming, Dover Downs and Delaware Park are grabbing hold of that demographic by focusing advertising, card game selection and even casino design on Asian interests, the Associated Press reports.