Despite the Obama administration touting the Obamacare exchange signup process as a success, members of the media have been unable to find even one person who had completed the process.

The Washington Post blogged on the problem Thursday morning, and included an Image of a unicorn to illustrate how difficult it had been to find even one person who had signed up.

“The federal government has said that somewhere out in this vast country of 313 million people, where 48 million lack insurance coverage, someone has managed to sign up for health insurance on the federally-run marketplaces,” Post reporter Sarah Kliff said. “As of yet, we haven't tracked this person — or these people — down.”

Kliff added that the search was “not lack of effort,” and that “reporters here at The Washington Post and at other publications have been on the hunt for this mythical creature.”

But fear not! Enroll America gave the Post the contact information of Chad Henderson, a 21-year-old from Georgia, who had successfully enrolled in Obamacare thanks to the website.

"I had to wait like everybody else," he told the Post. "Millions of people apparently got on the Web site. It took me until about 3 a.m. to create an account. That was probably the longest thing. After creating an account and getting logged in, it was pretty smooth sailing."

Henderson, who had been without health insurance for 14 years and approves of Obamacare, admitted that the plan he purchased was more expensive than he thought it would be.

"It was a little more than I was expecting," he told the Post. "I like the doctor benefits, but I would have really liked a plan that includes dental and vision, since I have contacts. That kind of stuff I would have preferred."

Henderson then told the Post that other reporters — from the Chattanooga Times-Free Press and the Wall Street Journal — were also calling him.

So, in a country of 300-million-plus people, the media has been able to find only one person who actually enrolled.

The Obamacare exchange website opened on Oct. 1, so far many states are seeing less than 1 percent enrollment rates.

At least the Post found its unicorn.