It's often said in the journalism business that there's no news when a dog bites a man but lots of it when the man sinks his choppers in the dog.

But what happens when the dog named "EPA" finds itself on the wrong end of the man named "Facts" concerning the alleged benefits of President Obama's proposed climate change regulations?

Nothing, at least as far as the national media is concerned. Facts about EPA, as presented by the Brookings Institution, simply aren't news.

EPA word games

That's curious because Brookings is not the first place one would go to find critical analyses of the selling of the Obama/EPA climate change regulatory regime aka "the war on coal."

But that's exactly what the venerable think tank made public last week in an innocuously titled study on "Determining the proper scope of climate change benefits."

The study was conducted by Brookings Vice President and Economic Studies Director Ted Gayer and Vanderbilt University Law Professor W. Kip Viscusi.

Apples and oranges "benefits"

Washington Examiner columnist Ron Arnold zeroes in on the unexpected point of the Brookings study, noting that "the EPA cleverly selected an 'apples and oranges' methodology that overstates the benefits so the regulation looks more attractive.

"The 'apples' are $30 billion in benefits worldwide and the 'oranges' are the American taxpayers who pay the whole world’s bill."

Gayer and Viscusi were a bit more diplomatic, saying "EPA’s methodology for calculating the benefit represents a shift away from typical practice. A more traditional cost-benefit analysis would estimate climate benefits of only $2 billion to $7 billion – less than the estimated compliance cost of the rule."

Did you catch that?

In other words, EPA's method for calculating the costs and benefits of the proposed regulation isn't credible and the true costs far exceed the claimed benefits, according to a think tank nobody ever accused of being a tool of Hillary Clinton's vast right-wing conspiracy.

Sound like news? Not in the mainstream media. Searches of their websites on the study's title turned up zero results for the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, NBC News, USA Today, CNN and ABC News. No news stories and no opinion pieces.

The study was similarly missed by the Rightstream media, including National Review Online, Weekly Standard, Washington Times, Washington Free Beacon and Daily Caller.

Ditto in the Leftstream media, with nothing turning up in searches of the websites of The Nation, New Republic, Washington Monthly and the American Prospect.

Kentucky's Rep. Ed Whitfield will have something to say about the Brookings study Thursday when he convenes a hearing of a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on "Standing up for jobs and energy."

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