Apparently, it's sexist to write about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's lack of accomplishment, and it's even more sexist to suggest that she has to rely on husband Bill and President Obama to sell her candidacy, according to Media Matters writer Eric Boehlert.

Boehlert played the sexism card in a tweet referring to my colleague Byron York's column on the subject:

York's argument speaks for itself. Clinton, when asked to name her proudest achievement as secretary of state, couldn't give a real answer and instead pointed to liberal talking points about Obama's domestic policy achievements.

Further, when the hosts of MSNBC's “Morning Joe” were asked Thursday to name one accomplishment of Clinton's during her time at State, they could not and deferred instead to her upcoming memoir.

So despite the aura surrounding Clinton of being qualified for president, no one seems to be able to name one of her accomplishments. Clinton herself used Obama’s “accomplishments” to bolster her own qualifications, so it’s not, by any means, a stretch to say she leaned on Obama to make her case. And does anyone believe she won’t use her husband’s accomplishments to further her case for presidency?

When Boehlert was pressed to explain how York’s article was sexist, he responded:

Of course, Boehlert doesn’t list any of Clinton’s accomplishments either, saying simply that she is one of the “most successful women of her generation.”

Yes, Clinton has attained many titles — first lady, senator, secretary of state — but what did she accomplish with those titles? There are many successful attorneys — many of whom could actually pass the District of Columbia bar exam — but what did Clinton do, specifically?