Donald Trump is forcing media organizations to recall former President Bill Clinton's sex scandal-ridden past, but many reporters are omitting a key detail about the scandals: Hillary Clinton's role in defending her husband and attacking his accusers.

Instead, the media is suggesting that Hillary Clinton should now be exempt from talking about it at all, despite the active role she played in the 1990s.

Immediately after this week's first presidential debate, Trump said he considered bringing up Bill's sex scandal-ridden history but that he didn't do so because the Clintons' daughter Chelsea was present in the room.

But the scandal doesn't only involve the former president and his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky or several more allegations of sexual harassment by Bill Clinton. It also involves Hillary Clinton, who credible witnesses have said attempted to discredit Lewinsky and the other women's stories.

Still, in recent coverage of the story, the press has omitted Hillary's role completely. Aboard Clinton's campaign plane Thursday, a New York Times reporter asked Clinton if it was her responsibility in any way to "speak out on a spouse's indiscretions or past."

A segment discussing the topic on MSNBC described it in an on-screen graphic only as "Bill Clinton's scandals."

ABC News dubbed it, "Bill Clinton's past."

"Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton's indiscretions," said a Washington Post headline.

Hillary Clinton, however, played a prominent role in her husband's scandals.

During her husband's 1992 campaign for president, Clinton pushed back on sex-laced stories brought forth by various women and instructed staff to stamp them out, according to longtime Clinton aide Betsy Wright, who referred to the women's allegations as "bimbo eruptions

A memoir by ABC News's George Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton White House aide, recalled the Lewinsky affair and said Hillary "had to do what she had always done before: swallow her doubts, stand by her man and savage his enemies."

In a 1998 interview on NBC's "Today," Hillary attempted to discount the to-be-proven Lewinsky affair by dubbing it a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

In a letter to a friend made public in 2014, Clinton referred to Lewinsky as a "narcissistic loony toon."

Sidney Blumenthal is a longtime Clinton aide and friend and still close to Hillary and her campaign. During the Lewinsky scandal, reporters independently claimed that he passed around rumors that the former intern was a "stalker."

"As for Monica Lewinsky, he painted her as a predatory and unstable stalker," wrote the late journalist Christopher Hitchens of Blumenthal in 2003. He recalled a meeting he had with Lewinsky and, "When asked by my wife how he could credit the stalker concept, he replied simply, 'Because the president told me.'"

Years later, many reports are neglecting to implicate Hillary in the scandals, and instead leave the impression that Trump is simply digging up dirt on Clinton's husband.

"Refusing to end an insult-driven campaign," said Politico on Thursday, "the Republican tries to tar Hillary Clinton with her husband's infidelity."

NBC News said that Trump was "making a full-on pivot to the former president's sexual misbehavior."

And a Washington Post story, framing the news as if it were an old issue, said, "Donald Trump and his allies are dredging up the past marital infidelities of Hillary Clinton's husband …"