Opinion pages and national cable news programs are teeming with reporters who believe Democrats are on the rise again, and who were eagerly boosting President Trump's political opponents just days after Democrats scored several key wins in Tuesday's state and local elections.

On Tuesday, Democrats won governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey, and mayoral races in Charlotte, N.C., and St. Petersburg., Fla. A Democratic trans woman was also elected to a state-level legislative seat in Virginia.

The editorial boards at the New York Times and the Washington Post were invigorated by the results.

"Virginia Rejects Your Hateful Politics, Mr. Trump," read an editorial Tuesday night by the Times, lauding Ralph Northam's win of the governorship in Virginia. A separate editorial Wednesday heralded the "welcome inclusiveness at a time when the president stews in a hate-filled bubble, appealing only to the shrinking fraction of Americans unrepulsed by his behavior."

The Post likewise called Northam's win a "triumph of decency over dread."

The Economist magazine said the election was a result of Trump having "antagonized" Virginia with some of his policy proposals, like the travel ban on some Muslim-majority countries.

Republicans argued that most if not all of Tuesday's races were unlikely to end in their favor, as Virginia voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the Democratic winner will replace current Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe. New Jersey is also a traditionally blue state now led by two-term Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who has long suffered from devastatingly low approval numbers.

Still, some in the media interpreted the outcomes as a boon for the anti-Trump movement.

"I do believe that next year may be the year of 'women voters and women candidates,' because I heard stories of women standing in the rain in Northern Virginia in long lines, and they weren't going to move until they got their vote against Donald Trump," MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Wednesday.

Dana Milbank, a liberal columnist for the Post, said the Virginia election was "a resounding rejection" of Trump's "filth."

His colleague E.J. Dionne Jr. said the recent mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, with Democrats calling for stricter gun laws, should inspire advocates of those regulations.

"Sane gun policies are no longer a political third rail," he said. "It’s time for fearless opposition to the NRA’s extremism."

"Resistance, for the Win!" wrote liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow on Thursday. He said in an op-ed that the election served to disprove commentators who said liberals should move away from so-called identity politics.

"Tuesday night’s election results," he said, "were a major shot in the arm for the anti-Donald Trump resistance and a major slap in the face for all the Democrats who caterwauled last November about how the party had focused too much on courting women and minorities, and ignored angry white men."