Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has so far stayed silent on her friend Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment scandal and many in the media are pressuring her to speak up given her status as a role model for women.

The New York Times reported last week on Weinstein's history of inappropriate behavior with women, which Weinstein largely admitted to, while denying some of the specifics.

Clinton, who is still on a tour promoting her book, hasn't commented on the issue, though Weinstein is a longtime friend and political donor to her past campaigns.

Update: Hillary Clinton 'shocked and appalled' by Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations

"This is just unconscionable to me that people with huge megaphones — even more important because they did receive his donations and have been patronized by him — do not come and speak against this absolutely untoward behavior," CNN Political Director David Chalian said on air Tuesday.

David Gregory, a political analyst for the network, agreed. "You're at least a hypocrite if you're going to really step out and speak about people who are in the middle of all of this [sexual harassment]," he said.

"And look, if you're Hillary Clinton, what have you also got to lose? What, is there someone going to criticize her? … She no doubt has to be on the record about this as other leaders have to be because we're living through a time where we've seen this kind of action before and people do need to speak out about it."

On MSNBC, "Morning Joe" liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski also wondered why Clinton has been silent.

"Where is Hillary Clinton?" she said. "Where are the Democrats who took money from him? They're just returning it and giving it to the DNC?" she asked. "Can you imagine the women we haven't heard about?"

(Update: About two hours after this story published, Clinton, through her spokesman Nick Merrill, released a statement on Weinstein. "I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein," it said. "The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.")

Both of Clinton's presidential campaigns and her family's Clinton Foundation received large donations from Weinstein, totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

The Daily Mail website reported Monday the Foundation alone has received at least $250,000 from Weinstein.

Though Clinton has made public appearances to promote her book since news about Weinstein's harassment broke last Thursday, she has still not commented on it.

The Obamas, who are also associated with Weinstein, have fallen under the same pressure to speak out.

On Monday, CBS "This Morning" ran a segment about Weinstein's closeness with both the Clintons and Obamas.

"Don't forget, the Obamas' daughter even interned for him as recently as this past summer," the reporter for the news segment said. "So many questions to be asked. … [The] Clintons and Obamas have so far been silent."

Lizz Winstead, an outspoken liberal activist and creator of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," said on MSNBC Monday she is also bothered by their silence on Weinstein.

"I feel it happens a lot with women's issues and I feel really disappointed in both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton," she said.