A media trade group slammed the National Rifle Association Tuesday in a letter saying the gun lobby organization incited violence against journalists in a membership recruitment video.

"We've been watching carefully after they released this video and are increasingly disturbed by the transition into a much larger campaign by the NRA and other political actors," Digital Content Next's senior vice president of government affairs Chris Pedigo wrote in a statement, referring to a video the NRA released in April. "As we state in the letter, we respect their right to have a viewpoint and are simply calling out, particularly in a sensitive time, there are lines which shouldn't be crossed regardless of the side of the debate you're on."

In April, the NRA released a video in which spokeswoman Dana Loesch attacked the "untrustworthy, dishonest" New York Times, adding that the NRA was "coming for" the newspaper. The New York Times is a member of the Digital Content Next network.

"When you use such incendiary language as 'we're coming for you,' it is our right to suggest in the strongest terms that your behavior is blatantly irresponsible as it may incite violence against journalists," Digital Content Next's letter read. "Ninety-nine people out of a hundred would interpret this language as threatening and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous at best and dangerous at worst. Bottom line: It is unAmerican to threaten journalists."

Loesch shrugged off the allegations in a series of tweets on her personal account about the letter.

"Certain members of media call a free people fact-checking their press 'unAmerican' and 'threatening'," Loesch wrote on Twitter. "Nothing says 'news' like overreacting to a video published in April and fabricating a message other than what was actually said."