Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro clashed on “The View” Monday over who’s to blame for the government shutdown.

“It is not intellectually honest to sit here and say this is completely Trump’s fault,” McCain said, accusing Democrats of playing partisan politics over the shutdown.

McCain said it’s inconceivable that Democrats wanted to attach protection for DACA recipients to the spending bill when they have a March deadline to figure it out.

“I understand that DACA is a very emotional issue at this point, but most Republicans are on my side on this one, Ana, and it’s really difficult for me to understand sometimes why you still consider yourself a Republican,” McCain continued.

“Because I’m a Hispanic immigrant Latina,” Navarro fired back. “I came here through no decision of my own. … Had my parents not had visas, had my parents not had the resources to hire lawyers, I would be a DREAM Act kid, too. That’s why this is personal.”

Senate Democrats agreed Monday to let a bill pass the upper chamber despite it not including immigration language. In response, Republicans assured Democrats they’d vote soon on an immigration bill.