Meghan McCain called first lady Melania Trump her "favorite Trump by far" on Tuesday, saying she wished people would "give her a break."

"I do like her a lot, she is my favorite Trump by far," McCain told Julie Mason Tuesday on Sirius XM's "The Press Pool."

The host of "The View" said that although Melania didn't seem as "enthused" about her husband running for president as McCain's mother was, she would love to hear her do more interviews and chose more platforms to speak out on.

“I like her. And I don’t know why everyone is such a hater on her. Seems like the worst job in the entire world," McCain said.

McCain isn't the only one with a favorable view of the first lady, according to an Economist/YouGov poll conducted last month. Melania is the most popular member of the Trump family in the poll.

McCain went on to talk about her father, Sen. John McCain's, R-Ariz., cancer diagnosis.

"He’s good, he’s in Arizona right now doing physical therapy as a result of his chemo and radiation, the after-effects of it. And he’s doing really good,” McCain said.

“He watches ‘The View’ every day,” McCain added. “He’s kind of a stage dad now.”