First lady Melania Trump spoke Italian with children during her visit to Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome on Wednesday, according to her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

"She went in the children's [intensive care unit], which was very emotional," Grisham said.

Trump "personally" wrote a letter to Pope Francis asking if she could make a visit to the hospital.

"She spoke to them in Italian, she signed bandages and she took lots of selfies," Grisham added.

Trump speaks several other languages besides English and her native Slovenian. It's been reported that she also speaks German, French, Italian and Serbo-Croatian.

The first lady met Pope Francis during President Trump's visit to the Vatican. Following Vatican protocol, Melania wore a black tea-length dress with long sleeves and a black veil.

The pope asked the first lady about her husband: "What do you give him to eat, potizza?"

"Potizza," she replied, speaking about a treat from her native Slovenia.