Lyle Dennis, an electric car enthusiast credited with convincing General Motors that it could make and sell the Chevy Volt, is getting a Ford.

“I always imagined I would own the car for 20 or 30 years,” Dennis wrote of his Volt. “That is until this summer.” He explained that he needed a vehicle with more seats now that his wife no longer drives an SUV (she replaced it with another electric car, the Nissan Leaf). “Next month Ford is launching the sale of its newest plugin hybrid, the [5-seat] C-MAX Energi . . . . And so it is that the Volts number one fan, and founder of has no choice but to trade in his car.”

Dennis’ relationship with the Volt is an old one. “After three years and nine months of constant blogging, my dream has finally come true,” he wrote in 2010. “GM has announced they will be giving me a Chevrolet Volt to live with for three months . . . I will be joining 14 other people from the Volt launch markets to participate in what is being called a Consumer Advisory Board.”, which now owns the GM-Volt website Dennis founded, credits him with “helping convince GM the Volt would be viable.”