Mendacity should never be associated with the U.S. Department of Justice, but Attorney General Eric Holder's minions are giving the nation a textbook example of that characteristic.

In a motion filed earlier this year in federal court, Justice Department lawyers asked the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana to enjoin state officials from "awarding any school vouchers to students attending school in schools operating under federal desegregation orders."

Why? Because enabling such students to flee their typically failing institutions to other schools allegedly "impedes desegregation."

They're not your kids!

On Tuesday, however, Holder's briefs battalion doubled down on their arrogance by asking the same federal court to deny parents of such students standing to act on behalf of their children as defendants in the litigation!

Isn't it time somebody told Holder and the Justice Department's career legal staff that the days of massive resistance across the old Confederacy ended a long time ago?

The desegregation orders DOJ is defending were issued decades ago during an era when public schools across the South were indeed segregated by race.

Wake up, look around

But the South long ago changed and the most serious problem-facing public schools today in every part of the country isn't racial segregation but failing to educate generation after generation of children in basic knowledge and skills they must have to succeed.

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon has been reporting this case since its inception. She points to a statement issued by one of the parents, Mitzi Dillon, who said:

“The Louisiana Scholarship Program helps my two children, Taylor and Titus, escape their failing schools, so it’s befuddling that the federal government would use a desegregation law to send my kids back to a failing school. Most of all, this will break my kids’ hearts.”

It ought to break America's heart, too, because, as things now stand, Holder and Justice Department solicitors trapped in a time warp are among the biggest obstacles to rescuing millions of children from rancid public schools that are a national disgrace.

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