Meriam Ibrahim is free from police custody after she was arrested Wednesday for supposedly falsifying travel documents in order to leave Sudan with her husband and two children, the Associated Press reported.

One of Ibrahim’s lawyers, Eman Abdul-Rahman, informed the press she was freed after ambassadors from the U.S. and South Sudan pushed for her release.

It turns out that Ibrahim's brother, Al Samani al Hadi Mohamed Abdullah, told police that his sister was “kidnapped” as soon as she was released from prison on Tuesday. This is the same brother who said Ibrahim “should be executed” if she does not return to Islam.

But Ibrahim claims she was never a Muslim, as she was raised by her Christian mother. However, under Sudanese law, she is a Muslim because her father was Muslim. This is why Ibrahim was arrested earlier this year, because her marriage to a Christian man was not recognized under Sudanese law as interfaith marriages are forbidden.

The sentence for leaving Islam is death, but on Monday a Sudanese appeals court overturned the death sentence and ordered Ibrahim to be released from prison.

Ibrahim’s brother is not happy with that decision, saying the family is “not convinced” by the court’s decision.

“The law has failed to maintain our rights, and now it is a matter of honor,” al Hadi said. “Christians deface our honor, and we know how to take revenge for that.”

A lawyer for the family, Abdulrahem Malik, said the appeals court’s decision was not final and that Ibrahim “has no right” to leave the country. The decision is only final if the family does not appeal within 15 days of the ruling. It currently appears as though the family will appeal.

“There have been no threats of revenge against her from members of her family, and she has no right to travel by law,” Malik said.

But al Hadi’s claim that his family knows how to “take revenge” for Ibrahim’s Christianity and his previous comment that she should be hanged seem to indicate Ibrahim is not safe.