What do weather forecasters do for fun? If you ask WJLA's Adam Caskey, you'll get a very stereotypical response. Caskey likes to make homemade thermometers. "The professors laughed at me because I was one of the few kids who actually loved it," Caskey said of his profs at the University of North Dakota, where he first learned the craft. Recently, he found the tubes of glass used to make these thermometers and invited over his friends to rediscover the art. "I had Brian van de Graaff, Alex Liggitt and Lauryn Ricketts, who I work with via TV and radio at Channel 7, [NewsChannel 8] and WTOP," Caskey began. "They were all over Friday night and were drinking beer and making thermometers, and they quickly realized how difficult it is." Caskey uses a mini blow torch to seal one end of the glass tube and then blows a bulb in the bottom of it. Next he must get 91-percent isopropyl alcohol, dyed red with food coloring, into the skinny stem of the thermometer, using a plastic feeder tube. "And what I do is, I put it in a big old sock and swing it around really fast and that uses centripetal force to push the alcohol down to the bottom and fill your thermometer," he said. Once the liquid is in, Caskey seals up the thermometer and puts it in various environments next to an accurate laboratory thermometer to calibrate it. "And then, basically you have yourself a thermometer," said Caskey.