Metro fell short of even its lowered standards for rail, buses and escalators in 2011, though some of its service improved over the previous year, a new report shows.

Metro's trains were on time 89.8 percent of the time in 2011, falling short of the agency's target of 90 percent, but up from 2010's 89.3 percent.

And for the second year in a row, Metrobuses failed to meet their goal of 78 percent on-time arrival: 75.3 percent of Metrobuses were on time in 2011, though that figure is up from 2010's 74.1 percent on-time performance.

The system's escalators were available 85.5 percent of the time in 2011, falling short of the 89 percent goal for the second year in a row.

But those goals are lower than the agency's previous targets, which were changed in 2011. The previous goals were 95 percent of all trains arriving on time, 80 percent of all buses traveling on time and 93 percent of escalators working.

The agency previously said it was lowering the standards as a management tool to help keep staff focused on improvements.

Metro officials touted improvements shown in the report --including an 11 percent reduction in injury rates for staff and customers in 2011 from the year before.

"The 2011 Performance Report documents Metro's progress over the past year," said Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles in a letter for the report. "Most importantly, we improved safety and reliability."