Metro scheduled a new promotional campaign around the Jewish high holidays. But the problem was that officials didn't actually check the calendar.

The Hello Yellow! plan to encourage more riders to transfer from the Blue Line to the Yellow as a way to salvage Rush Plus service pattern was supposed to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next week.

But none of the Yellow shirted ambassadors were present Tuesday morning, according to a rider passing through Pentagon, and none of the station managers knew what he was talking about when he asked.

Metro had cancelled the promotion without telling anyone. The agency is now planning to reschedule the dates because of the Jewish holidays, said Cathy Asato Tuesday morning.

The irony is that when Metro had announced on Thursday that it planned to do the promotion, which included a $5 farecard giveaway and survey, Assistant General Manager for Customer Service and Communications Lynn Bowersox told The Washington Examiner they had scheduled it to start on Tuesday, not Monday, because of the Rosh Hashanah.

The Jewish New Year, though, started on Sunday night at sundown and doesn't end until Tuesday evening at sundown.

And next week, during the other two days scheduled for Hello Yellow!, the high holiday of Yom Kippur is taking place.